I’m Giving a Lecture at the British Society of Perfumers


I’ve been invited on behalf of the BSP (British Society of Perfumers) to give an evening lecture on the subject of social media and influencers in the perfume industry. There are two dates – London (Thursday 18 October 2018) and Manchester (Monday 22 October 2018) – and it promises to be an interesting insight into my world, which is the world of an influencer in the perfume industry! Tickets are £25 for non-members and can be purchased here.

The Candy Perfume Boy: Social Media & Influencers in the Perfume Industry

Thomas Dunckley is a five-time Jasmine Award winning fragrance write, influencer and blogger. Responsible for the popular, UK-based perfume blog ‘The Candy Perfume Boy’ and as one half of the podcast Fume Chat, Thomas has seven years of experience working with brands to deliver entertaining and accessible fragrance content for perfume addicts and casual consumers alike. Thomas has recently joined fragrance industry consultancy Olfiction to support the team with content creation for clients, social media activation, copywriting, training, and fragrance evaluation.

Thomas will give an insight to how social media and influencers have changed the way in which perfume is communicated and how brands have incorporated fragrance influencers into their marketing strategies.

With experience running an independent perfume blog and associated social media channels for seven years, Thomas will guide you through a range of topics that focus on the impact of influencers on the perfume industry and how perfume brands have adopted the use of influencers as part of their marketing strategy. The talk will cover:

– How perfume is talked about and how this has changed
– How brands are working with influencers
– How influencers have impacted perfume products
– The pitfalls of the influencer model
– What’s next for influencers
– Q&A session


Image is my own.