I have a soft spot for CHANEL fragrances – I always have and it’s likely that I always will. They are made with excellent technical expertise and from high quality materials, with each one perfume something specific about the brand they originate from. They are commercial, yes, but that doesn’t mean they are without interest and being honest, I’ll reach more for the likes of Nº5 L’EAU, Nº19 POUDRE, BEIGE, and my favourite, BOY, than I will some of the weirder things in my collection. CHANEL is wearable, beautiful, and consistent – that’s what makes the brand so great.

The one CHANEL I haven’t spent that much time with is CHANCE and it’s three flankers (EAU TENDRE, EAU VIVE, and EAU FRAICHE). CHANCE has always been CHANEL’s fragrant entry point – the CHANEL that is likely to be a woman’s first, and whilst I don’t want to assign ages to particular fragrances, CHANCE’s modern fruity-floral-chypre has always been bang on trend for a younger perfume-wearing crowd. So CHANCE is pretty fun and chic in a modern way, but its flanker CHANCE EAU TENDRE is even more so, and now, CHANEL have launched a new Eau de Parfum interpretation of EAU TENDRE – a scent they describe as an “intensified whirlwind of femininity”. I don’t know about you, but I always appreciate my femininity served in an intensified whirlwind!


The Notes

Grapefruit, Quince, Jasmine Absolute, Rose, and White Musk.

How Does it Smell?

If I were to describe the opening of this Eau de Parfum concentration of CHANCE EAU TENDRE I think I’d choose the word ‘joyful’. There’s something so lively and carefree about the sparkling fountain of fruits that explode out of the bottle as one presses the sprayer. A dewy, fleshy strawberry note brings a bright and youthful feel to this charming fruity floral, boasting the juiciness of quince and grapefruit, and the soft sweetness of red berries, all served in delicate fizz.

The heart is all jasmine and in typical CHANEL style, this white flower feels more abstract than a singular bloom. To my nose, the florals at he heart of this CHANCE are hot and waxy, with a breezy intensity that gives the impression of a silk blouse billowing in a summer’s breeze. There is rose too, but just a touch – just a drop and enough to turn the pure white of the heart to a pale, blush pink, with a dab of sweetness to link the juicy fruitiness of the opening to the breezy florals of the heart, linking them together with glistening dew.


In true modern, CHANEL style, EAU TENDRE EAU DE PARFUM feels powered by musk, especially in the base. After the vibrant splash of fruit dissipates into the ether and the intensity of the jasmine fades, the fragrance settles on a floral-musk base that is incredibly smooth, warm, and soft. From top to bottom it all feels seamless and there is an elegance to it that feels almost contradictory to its fun spirit. Actually, that contradiction is exactly what makes this EDP so satisfying and enjoyable – it’s an unexpected turn of events.

If you’re in the market for something sparkling, pretty, and easygoing then I think you’d be hard pressed to find something that fits better than this. It’s a fun and carefree fragrance made with the quality of ingredients and attention to detail that one finds in all CHANEL perfumes. The amplified jasmine note fleshes things out to a point where this concentration of CHANCE EAU TENDRE feels less frivolous than its EDT counterpart, making it less of a ‘young CHANEL’ and more of an attractive fruity floral that isn’t beholden to any age, situation, or style. This is a versatile, high quality fragrance that embodies all that makes CHANEL good and great.

All things said and done, CHANCE EAU TENDRE EAU DE PARFUM is less of a chance and more of a certainty, although I’ll agree that CHANCE is a way better name…


CHANCE EAU TENDRE EAU DE PARFUM is available in 50ml (£79) and 100ml (£115) Eau de Parfum.


Sample, notes, and quotes via CHANEL. Images are my own.