Candy Crush: CHANEL Nº5 Limited Holiday Edition

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If you’ve not been living under a rock, you will know that Nº5, the world’s most famous perfume, and bedtime ritual for Miss Marilyn Monroe, celebrated its centenary this year. CHANEL marked the occasion in an unexpected way, with CHANEL FACTORY 5 – a series of pop ups and a limited editions that celebrated the innovative packaging of the fragrance. Now they’re rounding of the centenary year with a limited edition bottle with a twist. We’ve seen Nº5 in red (who could forget that iconic red bottle?!) but for 2021, the icon is clad in white paper.

The shape of the Nº5 bottle is instantly recognisable – it’s the VW Beetle of perfume bottles and so, for the holiday edition in its centenary year, simplicity is the key. The bottle’s iconic label is embossed with a gold ‘5’ (Coco Chanel’s lucky number, no less) and the bottle itself comes in a moulded, paper pulp case that outlines the silhouette of Nº5. I think it’s perhaps my favourite limited edition of Nº5 (yes, even more so than the red bottle!) because of its simplicity – the shape of Nº5 is such a classic piece of design that seeing it clad in a structured, white paper case is incredibly pleasing to the eye. I love it.

What do you think? Do you love it?


The Holiday Edition bottle is available in Nº5 (£130/100ml EDP) and Nº5 L’Eau (£122/100ml EDT. Nº5 L’Eau features a silver embossed ‘5’.


Images are my own. Sample (full size) provided by CHANEL for review. This is not a sponsored post.