Musings on Mugler, Leather and Fragrant Enhancers

Mugler + Leather = ?
Mugler + Leather = ?

As I mentioned in my most recent Saturday Poll, Thierry Mugler is set to release four limited edition leather interpretations of their most popular scents. This leather collection follows on from last years La Goût du Parfum, in which Angel, Alien, A*Men and Womanity each had a taste enhancer added to shake things up a bit and a new gourmand twist to them. The brand also released Angel and Alien Liqueur de Parfums in 2009, two fragrances that were aged in oak casks to give a more boozy feel.

The success of these enhanced editions got me thinking about what additional ingredients can be added to fragrances to give an entirely new twist on the original accords. There is something to be said about this intelligent method of flankering, it allows for the essence of the fragrance to be preserved whilst simultaneously offering something new, exciting and even if the end result doesn’t quite work out, it is at least interesting, unusual and worth smelling.

So what should we add to a Thierry Mugler fragrance to enhance it? Are there other fragrances that we could an enhancer to? Or are fragrances best left as they are, without flankers or fragrant meddling?

Salt Butter Caramel and Bitter Cocoa Powder – just two fragrance enhancers used by Mugler

For Mugler

I’d like to see Mugler do a floral collection (I know, I know, I’m utterly predictable). They did something similar with Les Jardins Etoile, a collection of floral interpretations of Angel (Rose, Lily, Peony and Violet) and it was relatively successful, but this time I’d like to see the florals added to all four Mugler fragrances. Angel would have tuberose (yep, you heard me right), Alien would have ylang-ylang, Womanity would have rose and A*Men would have it’s lavender note intensified.

Now I’m not saying that these would actually work, they may smell dreadful, but I like the idea and if they were to be released I would most definitely give them a sniff.

What I’d Also Like to See

Following the success of Guerlain’s Shalimar Ode à la Vanille, a fragrance that showcased the wonderful vanilla notes of Shalimar, I would love to see more fragrant odes to Shalimar. Just imagine; Shalimar Ode à la Bergamote, Shalimar Ode à la Cuir and Shalimar Ode à la Orris (Parfum Initial actually comes close), wouldn’t that be amazing?

What Would You Like to See? – Join the Discussion!

What would you add to a Mugler fragrance to enhance it?

What other fragrances would you like to add an “enhancer” to, and what would it be?

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