Fume Chat: Episode 24 – The Filth Battle ft. Katie Puckrik


Episode 24 is available for download!

In our latest episode of Fume Chat (the perfume podcast) we’re getting down and dirty with a battle of filthy (dirty, animalic, pungent, beastly, carnal, disgusting) fragrances. If you’re not familiar with our battle episodes, the format is simple: Nick and I pick three (or four) fragrances on a theme and then sniff them together in the episode. A guest judge determines who has picked the best selection of scents and is therefore, the victorious winner of the battle. It’s simple and a ton of fun too!


In our latest episode, we are joined by the one and only Katie Puckrik. Now, if you don’t know Katie, where have you been? Having worked in TV (The Word, Pyjama Party) and on Radio, Katie is pretty much a household name and is famous in the perfume world for her hilarious yet informative YouTube channel (and blog) Katie Puckrik Smells. Katie, who is a spirited fumehead, was the perfect judge and dived nosefirst into the barrel of filthy fragrances Nick and I had selected for the battle. I think it’s our funniest episode yet!

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Thank you to Jovoy, Mayfair for providing us with a space to record this episode. Image one is my own. Image two by Nick Gilbert.