Speed Sniff: Day for Night by Prada Olfactories

2018-01-06 20.06.40

Speed Sniffs is a way to bring you ‘to-the-point’ fragrance reviews that are quick and easy to digest. They are perfume reviews without the faff.

I am not a massive fan of amber fragrances. There’s something pleasing about the classic blend of benzoin, labdanum and vanilla, absolutely, but I often find that, because it’s such a distinct accord, amber fragrances seem to cover very similar ground. So you own one and there’s little need to own more – you just need to pick out the one for you. I’m also not too keen on leather either, because it tends to dominate a perfume. Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this so I shall enlighten you: today I am writing about a amber/leather fragrance that I really love.

2018-01-06 20.06.31

Day for Night, the scent in question, comes from Prada’s Olfactories collection. Prada describes it as “the ultimate amber scent” and I’m inclined to agree with them. What I love about the brand (slight sidebar here) is their consistency. Everything they make has a strong signature to it. It’s that effervescent, powdery, orris-inflected amber style that is just ‘Prada’. Day for Night has that. It takes the warmth, and sweetness of amber and dilutes it to something fizzy, transparent and addictive. Initially, it smells almost waxy, with a floral tone that brings to mind the impression on a 1970s floral print wallpaper in shades of brown, yellow and orange. I would never call it rich or bold, but there’s an auburn vibrancy to the opening that plays on the idea of a more serious, masculine and autumnal take on Candy.

As it develops though, Day for Night does start to embody something a whole lot more substantial: a strip of soft brown leather. Somehow, this intensifies the sweetness of the amber, bringing out the vanilla and pushing it out front and centre. It also plays with the texture, allowing for something a little bit more gritty than Prada’s usually smooth signature. In the dry down, you get some of that tingly, sweet gauziness that is the calling card of benzoin, and it just comes in soft, sleepy waves that lap against your nose for hours. Sigh, it’s so bloody good.

The Verdict

Love. Full, no holds barred, will watch it whilst it’s sleeping love. Day for Night is the amber I have been looking for and the leather I can deal with. It’s a fragrance that shows that the Prada signature can lend itself to something darker, more oriental and almost rich. Day for Night is a transparent amber and a lightweight leather, but most of all it’s absolute warm hug of a fragrance that just wants to snuggle you all day. In this case, I’m happy to give in to the snuggle.

Sniff This If…

…you have a thing for Prada (like me) or you’re in the market for an effervescent amber.


Day for Night is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £195. It also comes with a Prada print pouch.


Sample, notes and quotes via Prada. Images are my own.