ALIEN FLORA FUTURA has landed! After an exhausting intergalactic trip from its home planet – a lush world filled with pink flora and fauna, this latest extraterrestrial in the ALIEN collection has arrived, and it comes in peace. Now, if you’ve read this blog before you will know that I am a MUGLER fanboy and that ALIEN is one of my all-time favourite scents, so this flanker is very likely to be something I am very interested in. Anyway, let’s face it, when it comes to fragrance flankers, nobody does ’em better than MUGLER. No Sir, so I think it’s fair to say that there are high expectations all round. High. Expectations.

FLORA FUTURA is described by MUGLER as a “new, fresh and sparkling fragrance with an enveloping floral scent”. As the blush pink quartz bottle may suggest, this is an entirely new type of ALIEN – one that is divergent from the original, taking its spirit but interpreting it in an entirely new olfactory guise. This is not the ALIEN you are expecting but with MUGLER one is to expect the unexpected and with this latest instalment, MUGLER promises a counterbalance to their solar goddess – a fragrance that is more of a lunar nymph. This is ALIEN FLORA FUTURA.


The Notes

The Hand of Buddha, Queen of the Night Flower and White Amber

How Does it Smell?

ALIEN FLORA FUTURA opens dewy and crisp with the zesty tones of the Hand of Buddha (the fingered citron). It has a mouthwatering freshness to it, with lots of bubble and shimmer. The biggest thing one notices though, is just how subtle the impression is. ALIEN is well known for being a powerhouse – it is literally powered by 1000 exploding suns however, FLORA FUTURA on the other hand is surprisingly quiet. It’s a peaceful and calm fragrance that contemplates rather than dominates.

Much like ALIEN, FLORA FUTURA is an ode to white flowers in the heart however, where the original presented a syrupy jasmine note in vivid purple, this new flanker waters things down considerably, showcasing a blush-like heart of orange blossom. The treatment is delicate and somewhat pale, with the idea of white flowers caught on a cool summer’s breeze floating calmly in front of one’s nose. Where ALIEN was bold with flowers, FLORA FUTURA opts for a whisper-like treatment that fits with the calm spirit of the fragrance. Where FLORA FUTURA really shows intrigue is in the base, which is a mixture of soft sandalwood and an undefinable green element. This green facet feels almost savoury, with a bamboo-like vibe, finishing things up with cool, smooth woods.


ALIEN FLORA FUTURA is very pretty and it’s easily the lightest and freshest ALIEN to date, with beautiful green accents that bring a layer of added contrast to the signature flowers and woods of ALIEN. The bottle is absolutely beautiful too – a real stunner in the most gorgeous shade of pink, and out of all the ALIEN flankers, FLORA FUTURA’S bottle is easily my favourite! But does it live up to the high expectations of this MUGLER addict? I’d say yes and no. Whilst it is reminiscent of ALIEN, the link is stretched and it lacks the boldness that makes the original so beautiful. That said, FLORA FUTURA is incredibly pretty to smell and what’s more, it has some interesting nuance in the form of a savoury green thread that underpins the flowers. So it’s a mixed bag but if you always wanted to love ALIEN but found it too much, then FLORA FUTURA may just be the MUGLER you need. Oh and did I mention the fact that the bottle is STUNNING?!


ALIEN FLORA FUTURA is available in 30ml (£42) and 60ml (£52) Eau de Toilette.


Sample, notes and quotes via MUGLER. Images are my own. Prices correct at the time of publishing.