Candy Crush: Twilly d’Hermès Le Bain


I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

I’ll be entirely honest and say that Twilly d’Hermès was a bit of a grower for me. Launched as an obvious attempt to court a new, younger customer, the fragrance, which was inspired by the brand’s famous Twilly scarves, was the first pillar from Hermès new in-house perfumer Christine Nagel. It is a very exuberant offering from the brand, with a giant shock of fresh ginger up top and a fresh, waxy tuberose note over a soft bed of sandalwood and musk. I thought it was cool last summer when I reviewed it but it wasn’t until the winter that I fell in love. Twilly and her quirky ginger-tuberose vibes are on regular rotation in my scent wardrobe, so imagine my excitement when I heard that Hermès were launching a range of accompanying body products. I died (figuratively, of course).


Twilly Le Bain is a celebration of all things Twilly, turning the application of this punky, pink scent into something of a ritual, so that Twilly-addicts can layer up their favourite scent all day, every day. It’s a generous collection of products that ranges from the functional to the indulgent, all the time boasting the signature scent that made this fragrance so bold.  So what’s in the collection? Twilly Le Bain consists of five products; a Body Shower Cream, a Moisturising Body Lotion, a Moisturising Body Balm, a Deodorant and a Perfumed Soap. I told you it was a generous collection!


Body Shower Cream

Shower gels/creams are always my go to product in any bath/body range. There really is nothing better than a long, hot shower scented with a fragrance one absolutely adores. Based on that the Twilly Body Shower Cream is great. The pearly cream lathers up into a silky foam with a modest amount of bubbles (too many bubbles feels like a waste, let’s face it) and it feels very smooth against the skin. The scent is strong enough to be noticed but it doesn’t overwhelm, focusing on the fresher aspects of Twilly (I find it to be a little bit greener in this format) which means it’s good to be layered with Twilly or anything else one fancies. I love it and because I conform to no gender stereotypes, I use it at the gym.


Moisturising Body Lotion

After the shower comes moisture. It’s important to keep that body moisturised I think we can all agree. So the next step in the Twilly ritual is so later on some of the Twilly Moisturising Body Lotion, which is incredibly silky and milky with a very light, absorbent texture. The smell focuses on the more floral nuances of Twilly with the waxy, creamy tuberose taking centre stage. This is actually the thing I enjoy most about these products – the fact that they each focus on a different facet of the fragrance, which helps one understand and enjoy it more. The Moisturising Body Lotion is good for layering with the fragrance to boost longevity of course, but it would also make for a lighter fragrance experience worn solo.


Moisturising Body Balm

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that Twilly Le Bain offers not one, but two body moisturising products. So what’s does the Body Balm offer that’s not covered in the already very lovely Body Lotion? Good question! The answer, in short, is thickness. I’d also say creaminess and luxuriousness (which doesn’t feel like it’s a word but apparently is). This balm is richer than the lotion and it leaves the skin feeling softer and more moisturised. It also comes in a smaller size, with a tube that has a nib-like applicator to allow for sparing use. This means that it’s the perfect thing to chuck in one’s handbag/manbag for delicious Twilly-scented moisture on the go.


Perfumed Soap

Soaps are great for two things; firstly, they are a nice little luxury for washing one’s hands or body, but almost more than that they’re always so wonderfully fragrant (if they’re good quality that is) that they act as a surprisingly good room fragrance. A good soap left in a bathroom will scent the room and the Twilly Perfumed Soap is no exception. I see it as a rather inconspicuous little disk of fragrance that is almost bursting with Twilly. It’s the most fragrant product in the range, with more of a pronounced base, so whilst offering those zingy ginger and rubbery tuberose tones, this perfumed soap places a significant emphasis on the creamy sandalwood. It’s so beautiful I almost don’t want to use it (but I know I will due to my lack of self control). What’s more, it comes in a gift set of three soaps – three times the beauty!



Last, but not least, we have the Twilly Deodorant which, let’s be real, is housed within the most stylish spray can ever. Some may say that it’s ‘a bit extra’ to use an Hermès deodorant, but to those people we say ‘yes, and your point is?’. If you’re reading this blog then you are the type of person that is fully on board with something as luxurious as an Hermès deodorant so you will fully understand. This one feels like it’s just that little added extra that makes the perfect finishing touch if one is a Twilly fan – complete with a lighter than air rendition of Twilly that keeps the body remarkably fragrant. One will have showered, lotioned, balmed and soaped with Twilly, so what’s a little bit of an extra finishing touch? Spray away, that’s what I say.


Samples, notes and quotes via Hermès. Images are my own.