Perfume Review: Tudo Azul by Anima Vinci


It was in a field of centifolia roses in the heart of Grasse that I fell in love with Anima Vinci. I hadn’t even smelled the fragrances at this point, but standing amongst the heavily scented roses whilst house founder Nathalie Vinciguerra passionately talked about her debut collection of fragrances I knew that what I was about to experience was very special indeed. You see, Nathalie knows fragrance and she is also incredibly passionate about it. Having worked at Penhaligon’s & L’Artisan Parfumeur as Head of Fragrance Development, Nathalie oversaw a slew of excellent scents (the likes of Juniper Sling and Sartorial) and now her expertise and olfactory vision are being wonderfully applied at her own brand, resulting in the brilliant Anima Vinci debut collection.

The brilliance continued with the latest addition to the Anima Vinci lineup – Tudo Azul – an energising fragrance inspired by the Brazilian caipirinha cocktail (yes please). “Tudo azul” is a phrase that roughly translates as “it’s all great” and it sums up a fragrance that is all about the carefree vibes – about laying on the beach soaking in the sun and sea breeze whilst sipping on exotic cocktails (once again, yes please). That’s where Tudo Azul takes you and I for one am here for the journey!  I just need to pack my Speedos…


The Notes

Top: Lime, Mandarine Oil and Bahia Orange
Heart: Cachaca, Brown Sugar, Marine Accord and Rhum
Base: Ambery Woods, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean and Labdanum

The Perfumer

Fanny Bal (IFF)

How Does it Smell?

Lime – that’s the first thing that tickles the nose when one gives Tudo Azul a spritz, and what a lime note it is. It is bright like neon and ever so tart, not to mention juicy too! But quickly this vivid note becomes wrapped up in a crystalline sugar syrup affair, resulting in a blurred presentation of citrus – one that is a little bit toasted and utterly delicious. I would liken it to the smell of candied limes with a touch of mandarin splashed on to bring added juiciness. The mouth of this sugar addict is watering at this point, it has to be said

Underpinning that is a hazy melange of things. Rum intensifies the sugar aspect but also brings a tropical booziness, which in turn also has a mere hint of white flowers. Then a marine accord evokes the idea of sea spray, bringing salty skin and ocean air facets in to play. Vetiver dances around to amplify the saltiness, but also give some contrast to the freshness. It’s all a whirlwind and it doesn’t follow a traditional structure – it undulates like a wave back and forth; citrus and sugar, sea salt and vetiver – in and out.


Tudo Azul is a tonic. It is a joyful, playful fragrance that has seriously carefree vibes. For summer it presents an alternative take on citrus colognes, bringing in some much-needed sugar that allows it to sing in the heat. What’s more, the wave of sea breeze just lifts it all high up in to the air. Tudo Azul is fun but it’s not silly (which is a difficult balance to achieve, I find) and sitting amongst great, serious fragrances such as Wood of Life, Jasmine Yang and Rose Prana, it emphasises the brand’s concept of positivity and happiness. It certainly puts a smile on my face, that’s for sure.


Tudo Azul is available in 100ml Eau de Parfum for £150.


Sample, notes and quotes via Anima Vinci. Images are my own.