Candy Crush: L’EAU TAN by CHANEL



I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

I hate using fake tan. Past attempts have left me looking like an alien hybrid of streaky bacon and tangerines – not good. What’s more I LOATHE the smell – that hot, biscuit smell that lasts for days. So yes, I’m not a massive fan of the fake tan, but therein lies my problem, because I don’t actually mind a bit of a healthy glow on the ole bod and anything sun-related leaves me either burned or incredibly pale (due to the amount of SPF I use) so achieving such a hue is almost impossible. Argh, how annoying.

Enter CHANEL with L’EAU TAN…


Like all things CHANEL, L’EAU TAN takes inspiration from the brand’s extensive history. This time the archives have unearthed L’Huile Tan, Mademoiselle Chanel’s iconic tanning product launched in 1932. L’EAU TAN is a modern reworking of the classic concept and is created by Lucia Pica, CHANEL’s Global Head of Makeup and Colour Design, intending to create “a soft, gradual tan” via a light mist. The scent is described as being “warm, cologne-inspired” and was created by CHANEL Perfumer Olivier Polge. The whole package is a thing of beauty – from the handsome bottle with its frosted glass to the invigorating scent. L’EAU TAN feels like a tanning product unlike any other and of course it is, it’s a CHANEL tanning product!

Let’s talk smell first, after all this a perfume blog and it’s the scent of things we care about here! L’EAU TAN has a surprisingly prominent scent. It is inspired by classic colognes but is of course done in the typical CHANEL style, with lots of sparkling citrus, served with an aldehydic sheen. It also has a subtle floral character that sits somewhere between neroli and jasmine. Whilst the scent has an uplifting, zesty quality that is noticeable when sprayed, it soaks into the skin quickly and leaves behind just a soft trail that doesn’t interfere with whatever perfume you are wearing, but covers up anything remotely biscuit-esque. Delightful!

But does it actually work? That’s the question on everyone’s lips, right? The simple answer is yes. I’ve been putting it on daily (as recommended) for just over a week and now have a subtle bronze tan (and it’s very subtle), just what I want. I think I’ll go a little further with it, just to go for that extra shade of gold, but the overall impression is measured and on the lighter side. No streaky bacon oranges here, nope. Once one hits their desired shade L’EAU TAN recommends topping up once to twice a week. I reckon I’ll be at that point in a few days!

I’m crushing hard, dear readers because I feel like I’ve found a tanning product that actually works for me without turning me into Agent Orange or a giant Custard Cream, or both. Of course the tanning product I fell for had to be CHANEL (could I be more boujie?) and I feel like it’s the perfect thing to pair with my new CHANEL fave Paris-Biarritz on that trip to the South of France that I’ll probably never get around to booking…



L’EAU TAN – Limited Edition – £48/75ml


Sample, notes and quotes via CHANEL. Images are my own.