KIERIN NYC – Review & Giveaway!

There’s something really exciting and free about new niche brand KIERIN NYC. They may not offer any complicated gimmicks or a wildly unusual olfactory point of view, but they do something really surprising for niche: they offer accessible, genderless fragrances at a price point this is more reasonable than many designer brands. But this is the spirit of KIERIN NYC – a brand that wants to be for anyone and everyone, making high quality, niche-style fragrances easily available to anyone who is interested.

KIERIN NYC was founded as an “uncompromising New York centric brand” by Mona Maine de Biran (co-founder) that aims to tell the stories of the city through the art of olfaction. KIERIN NYC partnered with perfumer Mathieu Nardin, a Grasse-native who has lived and worked in the Big Apple, to create their debut collection of four fragrances. The brand has a distinct point of view with strong values. They believe in fragrances that are cruelty free, eco-conscious, genderless and inclusive. Those are things that resonate in the fragrances and are absolutely things I can get on board with.

The four KIERIN NYC fragrances are: Sunday Brunch, 10 A.M. Flirt, Santal Sky and Nitro Noir.

Sunday Brunch

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Earl Grey Tea and Jasmine

Sunday! Funday! Better than a Monday! Can only do it one way and that’s the drunk way! Sunday Brunch is a New York institution. A celebration of tea, cocktails, avocado toast and fun times with one’s girl/guy friends that starts later in the day due to the frivolities of the night before. Sunday Brunch the fragrance tries to capture all of these elements in a remarkably easy-breezy tea fragrance.

I have been looking for the perfect Early Grey tea fragrance for years. You see, I love Earl Grey – it is my tea of choice and the smell of a freshly opened box of Earl Grey tea bags is one of my favourite smells in the world. Well, with Sunday Brunch I can now end my search, because it is indeed, the perfect Earl Grey tea scent. It opens with soft bergamot and a touch of powder, unfurling with sharp lemon, rich black tea and a touch of jasmine. I am utterly obsessed with it.

10 A.M. Flirt

Notes: Gardenia, Fig, Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood

Picture this: you’re walking along NYC’s High Line early in the morning – an urban garden in the cool part of town. It’s 10 AM, you’ve just got up and are perhaps somewhat bleary-eyed from the night before. You pass a handsome stranger – your eyes meet and you share a moment, a flirtatious glance, before you get on with your day. That’s the inspiration for 10 A.M. Flirt.

With that flirtatious moment in nature in mind, this fragrance is unsurprisingly, the green one in the collection. It’s a fresh and juicy green scent with a contrasting herbaceous that is dry and rocky. I get a lot of violet leaf, which amps up the watery, mineral facets, whilst sandalwood gives a smooth, almost nutty richness.  It reminds me of Miller Harris’ Wander Through the Parks, but where Wander paints with vivid colours, this one is more pastel in its approach. 10 A.M. Flirt is an imaginary garden in an urban spacing, juxtaposing the concrete of the city with the refreshing mistiness of lush greenery. Lovely stuff.

Santal Sky

Notes: Cardamom, Saffron, Sandalwood and Vetiver

Santal Sky is inspired by a walk in the park, but not just any park: Central Park. If you’ve ever taken a stroll in NY’s most iconic park, you’ll know that it’s a feast for the senses and Santal Sky takes inspiration from the sights, sounds and smells of the park. This is the scent of leaves underfoot, of fresh city air, of footsteps, both the slow amble of people hoping to get lost and the frantic patter of runners feet, and the sound of drum circles and cyclists. It’s the park in its full, restorative, energetic beauty.

Santal Sky is a fresh, crystalline yet slightly nutty sandalwood in the style of scents like dunhill London’s Century, Miller Harris’ Peau Santal and Le Labo’s Santal 33. It possesses that airy, transparent sandalwood that feels cool, creamy and expansive, with impressive diffusion and reach, with contrasting spice facets of saffron and cardamom, both of which bring a savoury feel. Where Santal Sky feels different from the other fragrances I have mentioned is with the addition of vetiver which brings a grassy green quality that makes one think of the smell of one’s clothes after sitting on the cool ground. It really does feel like breathing in a big breath of fresh air.

Nitro Noir

Notes: Italian Bergamot, Pink Berries, Orris and Patchouli

Nitro Noir is the statement fragrance in the collection. It’s a high energy, electric fragrance that starts at 180 BPM and blazes in neon colours all night long. It was designed to capture that moment when you step out of a cab outside an NYC club. When the anticipation of the night ahead and the distant sound of thumping bass is in the air. It’s the kind of thing you wear with an outrageous outfit – the kind of fragrance you want when you want to make a statement, especially when that statement is ‘notice me’.

Nitro Noir is an exciting fruitchouli fragrance that exists on the interplay of pink berries and patchouli. It feels vibrant and peppery right from the outset, with a piquant, juicy vibe that is fluorescent pink in tone. Nitro Noir is a fragrance that crackles and shimmers – all glamour and strobe lighting. As it develops, a strong, suede-like leather facet joins the party, smoothing the rough edges of the patchouli and adding depth, and weight. I find it to be a hoot of a fragrance  – it’s so extravagant and showy, one can’t help but smile!


I am giving away one bottle of each of the KIERIN NYC fragrances, each of which has a custom ‘The Candy Perfume Boy’ label designed by yours truly.

To enter, all you need to do is:

1. Head to my instagram page
2. Follow me and KIERIN NYC on instagram
3. Leave a comment on my KIERIN NYC giveaway post telling me that you are based in the UK and which fragrance in the collection you’d like to win

 I will then choose four lucky winners to win the fragrance of their choice. Please note, that due to shipping restrictions, this competition is only open to UK residents (sorry).

Terms & Conditions

1) the draw will close at 22:00 (GMT) on Thursday 25 April 2019; 2) only one entry per person – repeat entries will not be counted; 3) the winner will be selected at random via; 3) the winner will be announced on Friday 26 April 2019 6; 5) the winner will be asked to provide The Candy Perfume Boy with their email address and shipping address; 6) if the winner has not made contact with The Candy Perfume Boy within 7 days of announcement, I reserve the right to redraw; 7) only those based in the UK are eligible to enter (sorry); 8) the winner’s details will not be shared with any parties ; 9) the prize is one 50ml bottle of a KIERIN NYC fragrance  is rewarded with no cash alternative; 10) relatives of or persons associated with The Candy Perfume Boy are not permitted to enter; 11) exchange or substitution is not available for; 12) for entries to be valid, entrants must; follow The Candy Perfume Boy and KIERIN NYC on instagram; have left a comment stating they are based in the UK and stipulating their KIERIN NYC fragrance of choice; and be based in the UK. Good, I’m glad we got that out of the way!


All four of the KIERIN NYC fragrances are available in 50ml Eau de Parfum for £65.


Samples (and giveaway items), notes and quotes via KIERIN NYC. Images are my own. I was not paid for this review and KIERIN NYC had no input in the contents of this article. As part of the launch I was invited by KIERIN NYC to have a tattoo free of charge. This did not impact my review of the fragrances and as always, my opinions are my own.