Perfume Review: Bohemian Lime by Goldfield & Banks

Goldfield and Banks is a unique perfume brand. Their ethos focuses on a fusion of Australian materials, some of which have seldom been used in perfumery before, and a French approach to perfume creation. The results are contemporary and exciting, with some surprising twists along the way. Botanical beauty is the approach and each of their fragrances are incredibly wearable, as well as showcasing a unique point of view.

Bohemian Lime is the latest launch from the brand and it takes inspiration from Byron Bay, the tropical and free-spirited coastal town where, as the brand evocatively puts it, “Australia first meets the sun”. The fragrance, which Goldfield & Banks call “carefree” and “lush” is an ode to the Australian finger lime, with herbal accents of coriander, warm woods and vetiver. Let’s take a sniff and see whether it’s as delightfully refreshing as it sounds!

The Notes

Australian Finger Lime, Coriander, Vetiver Haiti, Cedarwood Atlas Morocco and Sandalwood Australia

How Does it Smell?

If you ever wondered whether citrus could be sexy then wonder no more (and please gird your loins), because Bohemian Lime has entered the chat and he’s not wearing any trousers. This is a citrus scent that will make you hot under the collar – oof! It opens tart and sharp with lots of (you guessed it) lime. It’s blindingly fresh and juicy, with a wonderful undercurrent of sourness that blends perfectly with the sweet, dewy quality.

There’s a definite herbal character up top and it tempers the juiciness of the citrus. In fact, the juicy, sweet qualities of lime are definitely contrasted nicely by a rugged, bitter facet that packs a decent punch. The overall impression is relaxed, vivid and refreshing. Smelling Bohemian Lime I imagine the warmest, sunny day on a busy beach – toes dipped in the glistening ocean and the sound of the waves. Oh and lots of very muscular, shirtless lifeguards, but we will get to those in the final paragraph of this review. Please hold the line, caller.

In the base, Bohemian Lime is all about soft woods and musk. To me it feels most generic at this point, and it would be fair to say some of that vivid, punch character is lost as the fragrance dries down. But, it’s a fairly smooth transition from a bitter kick of juicy, mouthwatering lime to a sexy skin scent that evokes warm, sun-kissed bodies. It’s all very pleasant, right from top to bottom.

But the thing I love about Bohemian Lime is just how bloody butch it is. This is a lime fragrance with ‘Masc4Masc’ and bicep emojis on his Grindr profile. He’s unashamed in his butchness. Of course this is just me trying to be witty and silly, but in truth, Bohemian Lime does seem like a decidedly masculine take on citrus that blends the freshness of cologne with the clean masculinity of modern fragrances like Aventus and Sauvage. It works better than both of those fragrances, I think. I’m a fan, but I can’t seem to find my bottle because my husband has stolen it……


Bohemian Lime is available in 100ml and 7.5ml Eau de Parfum


Images are my own. Sample (full bottle) gifted by brand for review. I was not paid to feature this product, nor did the brand have any say in the content.