Candy Crush: Behind the Scenes of the New CHANEL Nº5 Campaign


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The brand new, very exciting, and you-just-know-it’s-going-to-be-beautiful, CHANEL Nº5 campaign with Academy Award winning actress, Marion Cotillard, is about to land and as a self-confessed CHANEL fanboy, I could not be more excited. The actual film doesn’t land until Thursday, but to tide you over until then (I know, it’s going to be a long wait of two whole days) I’ve got all the details AND some exclusive behind the scenes shots. Don’t say I never give you anything…


The campaign is shot by Swedish director Johan Renck (the guy behind the excellent HBO miniseries Chernobyl – go watch it, srsly) who also directed the recent COCO MADEMOISELLE and Nº5 L’EAU campaigns for CHANEL. The campaign features Cotillard portraying “a woman of her time, whose radiant energy responds to the force of lunar attraction” (colour me intrigued…). Marion is not the first star of the big screen to be the face of this CHANEL flagship fragrance – she follows the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Tautou and Nicole Kidman, which I think we can all agree, is very good company to be in.

The campaign features a lunar theme and stars Cotillard alongside Étoile dancer Jérémie Bélingard, with the moon acting as the third character. The press release tells us to expect dancing, a cover of a song by New Zealand singer Lorde, and a gold embroidered lace dress that took 900 hours to make. If all of that doesn’t have you intrigued and excited for the new film, then I don’t know what will. To maintain your excitement levels, I’ll leave you with a description of the film provided by CHANEL, but do make sure to swing by the blog on Thursday to watch it in full AND to explore some rather delightful Nº5 toiletries…

A mysterious woman draped in a black cape walks on a Parisian bridge, covered by snow, a night of a full moon. Anything can happen. Suddenly, the woman’s face is illuminated by the hypnotic reflection of the enormous celestial body that she is gazing at intensely. And here she is on the moon, dressed in a magnificent dress, facing a man who is waiting for her. The two lovers begin an intoxicating dance full of seduction and mischief. Their bodies, electrified by this lunar dance floor, abandon themselves to one another, until the grand finale when they fly away together. In one breath, the woman is back on the bridge, turns around and discovers the man by her side. They smile at each other, accomplices and happy. The dream has come true.



Images via CHANEL