On Escentual: #EscentualScents

This is a super exciting project that I am thrilled to be a part of. As you may know, I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert and also advise them on all things fragrance. Over the last two years, we at Escentual have run two blind fragrance trials with journalists, influencers and bloggers, all with the aim to promote discussion about new fragrance launches – it’s been really successful and immense fun. Well, now, #EscentualScents comes to you and this time, you can get in on all of the action and fun!

With the pandemic, testing fragrances has become much harder. Many of us cannot go to shops to test perfumes (or understandably, we do not want to) and even if we do go into a shop, getting hold of a perfume tester isn’t easy. There are a lot of barriers in the way and at Escentual, we want to make it so much easier for people to explore our range of fragrances. So, enter #EscentualScents – a monthly discovery box that you can purchase to explore the world of fragrance. We are so excited!

How Does it Work?

Each month, we release a themed box featuring eight sample vials of fragrance. January’s box is on sale now (for delivery in January 2021) and the theme of the box is green (I really do love green perfumes so this is a particularly exciting one). The box is a great way to improve your perfume knowledge, or test your nose; the box includes eight mystery aromas that give a 360 impression of the green fragrance family. You’ll get to smell and study the scents blind, without brands or marketing campaigns to influence you, then join us in an exclusive Facebook group to share your opinions with our secret community. The best part? You get all of this for only £19.95 (which you will receive back in pretty penny loyalty points to spend on anything on our website).

All you need to do is:

Purchase your Escentual January Fragrance Mystery Box.
Patiently wait (we know it’s hard) for your parcel to arrive.
Join our members only Facebook #EscentualScents group.
Chat and share your scent stories with our community.
Watch along with our live scent surprise reveals on January 14th and January 28th at 8pm.
Join us next month for the chypre selection!

Purchase January’s Discovery Box Here!

I hope you join in and if you do, I will see you at the live reveals!


This is a paid partnership with Escentual. I write for Escentual as their Fragrance Expert and I am curating each of the #EscentualScents boxes in addition to hosting the live reveals.