I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

I should start this post by saying that, out of all of the CHANEL fragrances out there, CHANCE is the one that I have the least experience with, having only really sniffed it on others.  This also extends to the entire CHANCE family of flankers, which I’m sure I have encountered in the wild but am yet to really dedicate some time to.  So when these exciting body oils landed on my desk I must admit that I was most intrigued to try them, not only because I wanted to see how they worked as an ancillary product, but also as an introduction to a collection of fragrances I have had limited exposure to.

But before we get to how good these body oils are (which is very good – spoiler alert), let’s talk some context first.  CHANCE launched in 2002 and targeted a younger audience for the iconic Parisian brand.  CHANEL is famously known for its grand dames, the likes of Nº5, Nº19, COCO and even to some extent, CRISTALLE.  Sure, COCO MADEMOISELLE came one year before CHANCE, but COCO M has a much broader audience. In comparison, CHANCE is the young CHANEL placing emphasis on playfulness as well as the brand’s signature of femininity that doesn’t give a fuck. It works very well.


Anyway, back to the body oils.  Launching in June, CHANEL have created four body oils, each one with a fragrance from the CHANCE family. They smell as follows:


The iconic original – a fresh floral blend with the greenery of hyacinth and the clean succulence of jasmine, accented by a vibrant pink pepper and wave upon wave of musk. A light, floral powder for the millennial CHANEL generation.


My favourite of the four – a fruity fizz of fresh strawberries accented by the perky pinkness of grapefruit and quince. Jasmine and musk seamless play to create a clean, fresh air with a vivacious spirit.


EAU FRAÎCHE gives CHANCE a bit more a of a green twist. The jasmine has a beautifully soapy character to it, whilst warm teak wood adds a fuzzy depth. It’s like spraying on a spring day laying on the grass and staring up at the endless blue sky.


A more vibrant and sparkling take on CHANCE with energising grapefruit and blood orange. It’s the one I’d want to wear in the height of summer if I was looking for a scent that was more complex than a standard citrus. Like all CHANCE fragrances, it positively sparkles.


There are two things I love about these products; first and foremost, they are heavily scented, which makes them a great booster of the original fragrances, but also an alternative if you like the EDT but; a) find them a bit pricey; and b) would like something lighter. The second thing I like about them is the fact that they are non-greasy – they moisturise the skin perfectly, absorbing quickly and leaving behind a dry sheen of scent on the skin. Nobody wants a greasy oil now, do they! If you love CHANCE (or her three sisters) then the Body Oils are a no brainer.


Launching on 22 June and available in 100ml Body Oil for £38.


Samples, notes and quotes via CHANEL. Images are my own.