Speed Sniff: Wood Infusion by Goldfield & Banks


Speed Sniffs are a way to bring you ‘to-the-point’ fragrance reviews that are quick and easy to digest. They are perfume reviews without the faff.

Goldfield & Banks is one of a few punky perfume brands that are making Australia a real contender in terms of perfume making. With their modest collection (just five fragrances) they are showcasing the “lush, aromatic and botanical beauty” of the Australian continent, from the forests, to the deserts and the coastline. Their latest scent is ‘Wood Infusion‘ is inspired by the “balmy heritage listed Fraser Island in the Pacific Ocean”, celebrating a number of wood species all in one infusion.

Let’s give it a quick sniff…


First things first, Wood Infusion is entirely linear so what one gets at first spritz is pretty much what one ends up with hours later. Luckily the smell is rather pleasant indeed and therefore, makes up for the lack of development. Wood Infusion delivers on its promise of celebrating a variety of wood species – there’s just so many woody facets in play; a creamy sandalwood, a powdery (and slightly sweaty) cedar, a sharp guaic wood, an oily oud, all mixed in with some synthetic woody ambers that bring a modern touch. If you were ask me to design a fragrance called ‘Wood Infusion‘, this is probably what I’d come up with, so it most definitely delivers on the concept.

The Verdict

Well, well, well, Wood Infusion certainly has me intrigued. I am fascinated by its ability to create tension between the natural and the synthetic. At times I smell it and think of dry desserts peppered with scorched, parched pieces of wood, whilst at other times I think of rich oils created in a lab. It’s this ever-evolving sense of perplexing that makes Wood Infusion an interesting wear, but most importantly it smells good, like an aura of smooth, woody warmth that is truly comforting.

Sniff This if…

…you love woody fragrances, or if you have a penchant for subtle intensity.



Wood Infusion is available at Fortnum & Maison in 100ml Perfume Concentrate for £149.


Sample, notes and quotes via Goldfield & Banks. Images are my own.