Candy Crush: ANGEL, ALIEN & AURA Perfuming Pens by MUGLER


I’m always crushing on something scented or other. My nose knows no limits. Candy Crush is where I showcase the beautifully scented things I’m crushing on right now so you can hopefully develop a crush too.

Oh MUGLER, why do you keep releasing all of these lovely things that I want? New fragrances, candles, shower gels – eesh, it’s just a MUGLER fest this year and of course II am here for it. What’s that you say? Brand new Perfuming Pens for ANGEL, ALIEN and AURA, you say? Each of them under £30 too? Hmm, it’s a tough sell, I’ll be honest. OK FINE I’ll take ten of each, please! Damn you, MUGLER. Damn. You.


So what is the point of these perfectly presented perfuming pens then? Well, they’re essentially just a nifty way to wear solid fragrance, which in itself is a handy, easy-to-transport alternative to hefty bottles of eau de parfum. What’s more, solid perfumes are always good for those that like a more subtle approach to scent as they often have less of a sillage (ie the trail or level of projection of a fragrance) and wear close to the skin. The MUGLER perfuming pens take the idea of a solid perfume, using wax shaped like a pencil for the ultimate ease of application.

With these perfume pens, MUGLER gives one the option to top up their fragrance throughout the day, or simply to wear the pens in isolation. The idea is that you, the diehard member of the Muglerati that you are, can scribe a MUGLER signature anywhere on your skin, as and when you like to. You can draw stars, suns and jungle palms randomly on your body or, if you like, you could just simply glide the pens across your pulse points. The choice is yours.


So are they actually any good? Well first off, I am so impressed with the tenacity of these pens. Compared to many other solid perfumes, they have an incredibly strong smell (we expect no less from MUGLER, let’s be real) and I really mean that – these smell so much more present and tenacious than any other solid perfume I’ve sniffed, and they leave a distinctly scented (and thankfully not sticky) trail on the skin. That, mixed with the ease of application, not to mention their portability, makes for a very attractive alternative to the Eau de Parfums.

My one complaint is that I don’t like how the ANGEL pen smells. AURA and ALIEN are spot on dupes for their Eau de Parfum counterparts but ANGEL smells more like the body products for the fragrance than the perfume, which is a shame. It has a definite waxiness and none of the bite. The AURA pen however, is divine and I’m about ready to scrawl lewd things all over my body because it smells that damn good. Candy Crush status rightfully achieved.



The MUGLER perfume pens are available in ANGEL, ALIEN and AURA (3g/£26) exclusively to The Perfume Shop.


Samples, notes and quotes via MUGLER. Images are my own.