Speed Sniff: AURA Eau de Toilette by MUGLER


Speed Sniffs are a way to bring you ‘to-the-point’ fragrance reviews that are quick and easy to digest. They are perfume reviews without the faff.

The MUGLER Eau de Toilettes for ANGEL, ALIEN, and now AURA are almost like diet versions of the originals. The structure is still there but they have been lightened in a sense, making them zero-calorie, palatable options that are a little bit easier to get on with. Now I’m here for the full fat, calorie-laden versions at all times, but sometimes one wants a little bit of lightness and clarity. Every now and then, maybe? OK, OK, once in a blue moon then!

Following the success of AURA, MUGLER’S first feminine pillar since 2010’s WOMANITY (poor, doomed WOMANITY), MUGLER have launched an Eau de Toilette version – a yin to the Eau de Parfums yang. They describe it as “a new aromatic interpretation of colourful, glowing freshness”. Or as I’d put it, if AURA EDP is a lush rainforest filled with stifling, scented air, AURA EDT is a fine mist of rain that breezes through said forest. They are of the same place but they are not of the same weight.


All of the disparate part of AURA are present and correct, they’ve just been diluted. The opening has a mere hint of the menthol-medicinal, fruity sweetness that makes the Eau de Parfum so impactful, utilising dewy pear extract to give the idea of a fresh mist, like spray from a waterfall. In fact, dilution is really a theme here, almost as if AURA has this time been painted with green watercolours as opposed to verdant oil paints. The smoky woody character is lighter, as is the vanilla – all paler, but not duller, it still glows. Really the only key difference I notice is a slightly earthy character, perhaps attributable to the orris root. This AURA is not that different from her mother, it seems.

The Verdict

AURA (the original Eau de Parfum, that is) is one of my favourite MUGLER fragrances. I wear it regularly and since its launch just over 12 months ago, I have worked my way through the best part of two bottles. It’s a work of genius. This version is lovely but for me, it lacks the strangeness of the original and whilst it is close to the original in terms of odour profile, I can’t think of a time where I would pick this over the Eau de Parfum. So yes, it’s lovely, but it’s not quite as lovely as the original, which makes me think that with these concentrations it’s a case of either or. You will only need one or the other.

Sniff This if…

…you wanted to like the original but were put off the by the unusual, and in my opinion frankly awesome, medicinal top note. If you’re looking for something fresh and dewy but want to avoid boring aquatics or more of the same then AURA EDT delivers all that and more in an unconventional way. If however, you’re a MUGLER fanboy like me then of course you need it. It’s a no brainer.



AURA Eau de Toilette is available in refillable 30ml (£42), 50ml (£60) and 90ml (£75) sizes.


Sample, notes and quotes via MUGLER. Images are my own.