Christmas Crush: MUGLER Gift Extravaganza

2017-11-18 22.27.47

Instead of a Christmas gift guide this year, I’m switching out my regular Candy Crush posts for just as regular Christmas Crushes instead. In these posts over the coming weeks you’ll find some wonderfully scented gifts just in time for the holiday season, with products that I am crushing on. So get ready for some marvellous Christmas gift inspiration!

Ooh do I have a treat for the MUGLER addicts amongst you! This Christmas Crush post is solely dedicated to the house of MUGLER and those that reside in its many galaxies. In my mind there is no greater gift than the gift of MUGLER and this Christmas the brand has a rather splendid array of olfactory offerings for you to gift to your loved ones (or just to yourself – self care is very important, after all). So in this post you will find MUGLER gift sets, perfume, candles, body products and more, all of which will leave you scented FOR THE GODS. Enjoy!

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Let’s talk gift sets, because you can’t beat a gift set for Christmas, am I right? There’s something very satisfying about receiving your favourite perfume housed beautifully in a gift box with a little something extra, perhaps a shower gel or body lotion, or in the case of these gift sets, perhaps a purse spray or mini, thrown in for good measure. For my MUGLER Christmas Edit I’ve opted for two gift sets that showcase the brand’s newer scents. Sure, you can get ANGEL, ALIEN and A*MEN in lovely gift sets this year, but I’ve covered those fragrances countless times on The Candy Perfume Boy, so let’s focus on some gorgeous MUGLER newness!

2017-11-18 22.25.21

AURA was MUGLER’S big launch this year and it has quickly become one of my favourite MUGLER scents. What makes AURA stand out so much from the other scents in the MUGLER galaxy is the simple fact that it just doesn’t smell like any of the others. AURA is much more approachable and not quite so tenacious as her sisters, but she is still very distinct. AURA smells sappy, juicy and jungle green, but she also has complex nuances of wood smoke and vanilla. AURA is incredibly unique and is THE MUGLER everybody is talking about right now. So AURA is the perfect gift this Christmas and the beautiful jewellery-box style gift set comes with a 50ml Eau de Parfum and the cutest 5ml too!

AURA Gift Set: 50ml + 5ml Eau de Parfum/£70.

2017-11-18 22.23.41

We also have MUGLER newness in the form of ANGEL MUSE which launched last year. This clever little take on the classic ANGEL lightens things up a bit with a humorous twist of hazelnut, letting the fragrance act as a delicious scoop of Nutella to ANGEL’S dark galaxy of chocolate. There’s also a flash of vetiver too to create some olfactory collision in the base. Where ANGEL is all angular, Muglerian beauty, MUSE is smooth and round, much like the shape of its ‘cosmic pebble’ bottle. MUSE is the ANGEL for those that think they don’t like ANGEL so it makes the perfect gift for ANGEL addicts and detractors alike. The sparkly-boxed MUSE Addict Gift Set comes with a 50ml Eau de Parfum and a handy 9ml purse spray.

MUSE Addict Gift Set: 50ml + 9ml Eau de Parfum/£64.

2017-11-18 22.15.59

Now for ANGEL addicts we have something rather decadent indeed in the form of ANGEL Étoile des Rêves (Star of Dreams). This version of ANGEL has been composed to accompany night-time rituals, such as getting in to bed and you know, pretty much everything that follows – boudoir stuff, if you catch my drift (I’m sure your imagination can fill in the blanks there). It is essentially ANGEL but with boosted musk notes, meaning that it has more of a dreamy, ethereal quality and less of a patchouli punch to it. ANGEL Étoile des Rêves smells beautiful and that circular comet bottle is out of this world. It’s the perfect thing for the luxurious ANGEL lover who likes to spend ample time in their boudoir.

ANGEL Étoile des Rêves: 100ml Eau de Parfum/£110.

2017-11-18 22.10.26

Finally, for the ALIEN addicts amongst us (holla in the back so we can hear you) I have a true extravaganza of intergalactic beauty for your nerves, featuring candles, body products and even scent for your hair! Aren’t you lucky?!

2017-11-18 22.10.46

Kicking off our ALIEN extravaganza we have the Moisturising Shower Milk and Beautifying Body Lotion. MUGLER recently rejigged these products to make them more ALIEN-esque and they’ve done a pretty fantastic job. Both leave skin smooth and supple, whilst adding a trail of heavenly ALIEN scent. They’re perfect if you love to layer your ALIEN (because more is always better when it comes to MUGLER) or if you just like something rather indulgent during and after your shower. The bottles are absolutely stunning too, with a sharp, crystalline shape that pays homage to ALIEN’S amethyst tones. So if you have an ALIEN addict on your gift list, then you’ll easily get into their good books with these!

ALIEN Moisturising Shower Milk: 200ml/£31
ALIEN Beautifying Body Lotion: 200ml/£35

2017-11-18 22.11.09

Whilst we’re on the body front we cannot ignore the brand new ALIEN Beautifying Hair Mist. Now, I may no longer have my big, curly bouff, but I do have an equally impressive blonde quiff right now and it is living for this magnificent mist. It’s such a simple product, a light mist that one sprays in their hair to scent it with ALIEN, but the results are pretty mind-blowing. As you move your head around you really get to enjoy ALIEN in all its glory (especially if you’re flipping your hair around a lot) so it really feels like a product for you and not those around you. Perfect for the person who just cannot get enough ALIEN in their life – now they can have it in their hair too!

ALIEN Beautifying Hair Mist: 30ml/£22.

2017-11-18 22.11.15

Finally something special and unique. You’ll know that MUGLER makes scented candles of ANGEL, ALIEN and the Les Exceptions line but what you may not know is that they recently launched a trio of small votives in both ANGEL and ALIEN with a bit of a twist. Each set contains three small candles that smell different. These three candles each showcase a facet of the fragrance – a different moment of ALIEN and ANGEL to enjoy burned in isolation or all at once. The ALIEN set is absolutely beautiful with candles that highlight the green jasmine facet as well as the woods (the jasmine one is glorious). It’s a clever set – one for perfume nerds or lovers of ALIEN.

ALIEN Trio of Candles: £39.


Samples via MUGLER. Images are my own.